Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back to School

I started a postgraduate course in management yesterday and I am feeling quite nice about being a student again, 10 years after my undergraduate studies. I wonder why I hadn't done this earlier. It took only one day in class for me to remember how much I actually liked to study. Unlike most of my friends, I actually liked university for the classes and the studying. All the other stuff like partying was fun too but I had been raised in a pretty free environment so, for me, going to university was not a break from the shackles of parents and home like it was for most of my friends. Unlike in secondary school, I do not remember having that much difficulty studying for and passing my exams. Now I am a manager in training and I like the fact that the particular course I took and the institution I am studying at has more of an emphasis on the experiential than on the academic. Hopefully by the end of 2 years I should be a top-notch project manager and I will have figured out exactly how I am going to put my knowledge to use. Its not that I do not have an idea of what I want to do. I actually have way too many ideas running through my head that I do not know at this point where to begin and how to integrate it all. But I am hoping I will "see the light" in the coming months. It should not therefore be a surprise if some nuggets of project management find there way onto this blog. However I intend to leave most of that over at my other blog. While I am at it I intend to jump-start this here blog. Its been dormant for way too long.